The NGLC Advisory Council works with the NGLC team on the mission and programmatic direction of the organization, provides strategic thinking and planning on organization-wide priorities, and acts as an ambassador for the work and vision of NGLC. Learn more about the remarkable individuals on the council:

Izzy Fitzgerald | Jonathan Tiongco | Angela Perry | Anneliese Martinez | Caroline Hill

Izzy Fitzgerald headshot

Izzy Fitzgerald

University of San Francisco Student & Education Activist

Izzy is currently a second year pursuing a dual degree with a bachelor’s in sociology and a master’s in education at the University of San Francisco. She holds a passion in politics and social justice mainly because her personal experiences make her want a better world for future generations, like her niece. She is originally from San Diego where she attended high school at SD MET (San Diego Metropolitan Regional, Career, and Technical High School) and interned/staffed at places like the mayor's office. Izzy truly loves policy advising and working on equity projects which is why, she says, she is where she is today.

Jonathan Tiongco headshot

Jonathan Tiongco

Founding Principal & Executive Director at Alliance Marine - Innovation & Technology 6-12 Complex (Alliance MIT)

Jonathan (he/him/his) currently serves as the founding principal and executive director for Alliance MIT. Named Alliance College-Ready Public Schools’ Principal of the Year in 2020, Jonathan has been directly responsible for leading Alliance MIT to become the fastest growing school in LAUSD and highest performing school in its region. He is deeply invested in creating and sustaining innovative educational systems and programs devoted to social justice, equity, inclusion, and community empowerment. Prior to this role, he served as Alliance’s network-wide director of BLAST implementation where he oversaw a portfolio of blended learning schools including a Next Generation Learning Challenges grantee school. Before joining the Alliance, he was an instructional leader for Youth Policy Institute Charter Schools, a middle school teacher, technology coach, service learning and leadership coordinator, and marathon leader.

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Angela Perry headshot

Angela Perry

Founder and Executive Director at 4th-Dimension Leaders

Angela (she, her, hers) began her career in education as a middle school math teacher. After seven years in the classroom and five years serving in school- and systems-level leadership roles, she spent six years working in national education nonprofits, cultivating partnerships, managing development efforts in new markets, and leading program design. A proud alumna of Pahara-Aspen’s Next-Gen leadership program, Angela has more than 15 years of teaching and leadership experience, is a widely recognized adult learning facilitator, panel moderator and entrepreneurial program designer through her founding work at ENCORE Facilitation Partners. Angela is founder and executive director of 4th-Dimension Leaders, an organization dedicated to disrupting discrepancies in opportunity.

Anneliese Martinez headshot

Anneliese Martinez

Independent Consultant

Anneliese "Ani" Martinez (she, her, hers) is a director and producer working with organizations in support of human development in a time of rapid change. After a long-term tenure developing and stewarding Remake Learning, Ani has gone off in search of even more wildly imaginative and audacious projects. The goal? Re-center the human in our economies, and de-center the human in our ecologies. Ani works with The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Pitt Education Justice Collective, A+ School's & the Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative, and CMU's School of Computer Science. She also facilitates with Equitable Just Greater Pittsburgh and is a proud board member of City of Bridges High School, the Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology (PART), and Never Fear Being Different (NFBD).

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Caroline Hill headshot

Caroline Hill

Founder at 228Accelerator

Caroline is a thought leader who lives, works, and designs at the intersection of education, innovation, and equity. Her work inspired the creation of equityXdesign, a powerful design framework that merges the values of equity work and innovation with the intentionality of design. Her latest venture, 228 Accelerator, catalyzes the redesign of the relationships that normalize mistreatment and oppression, builds bridges between the powerful and the powerless, and accelerates our journey to a more inclusive society.

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