Next generation learning is all about everyone in the system—from students through teachers to policymakers—taking charge of their own learning, development, and work. That doesn’t happen by forcing change through mandates and compliance. It happens by creating the environment and the opportunity for everyone in the system to do their best possible work.

Our education system was designed for stability and conformity, not change nor diversity. To provide students with excellence, we need an education system that is dynamic and flexible, adapting at the speed in which our culture and world are changing. Can you imagine an ecosystem that embraces an “educational R&D” mindset? That is the challenge of Enabling Change.

Every parent wants his or her child to benefit from an excellent education. But the strategies that defined excellence yesterday will likely not generate excellence tomorrow. Our schools have to be more proactive in meeting the changing needs of our world and the students we serve. Solving the challenge of Enabling Change means that every person, from child to adult, is a learner. And each learner has a community of supportive partners, opportunity to reflect on current practice and redesign the school experience (yes, even students!), and license to pilot new ideas. When every person recognizes that they are change agents, with permission and choice to take action, they make next generation learning possible. And in the process, begin to change the national culture within which our K-12 system operates.

Through our involvement in the Assessment for Learning Project and the Regional Funds for Breakthrough Schools, NGLC has advanced the field’s understanding of what it takes to solve the challenge of Enabling Change.

And now NGLC offers direct services to support educators who are leading change in their own communities. Learn more.

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