Imagine a school truly built around students and learning.

Really imagine it.

NGLC believes in unleashing the power of education leaders and teachers to lead their local communities—students, parents and families, boards, and employers—to redesign their schools around the most impactful forms of learning we all know and have experienced.

The truth is that next gen learning isn’t necessarily all that new or different. We all have experienced moments of deeply profound, engaging, life-changing learning but rarely has it happened inside a classroom in a core subject. What is new and different is that educators are making that kind of learning the backbone of what every student experiences in school, all day, every day. LEARN MORE

The Ideas of NGLC

Next Generation Learning Challenges is a community of forward-leaning educators who are working in their communities and together as a network on the most urgent challenges in public education today. A non-profit initiative, NGLC was founded in 2010 with the understanding that, while we all have a role to play, it is the educators who should lead the transformation to next gen learning, because they are closest to the students and the learning.

NGLC’s role is to enable those educators with the vision to transform their schools and the passion and courage to pursue it. Our efforts can be divided into four distinct areas of focus:


Imagining It: We invite communities to apply what they already know about powerful learning to rethink what is possible in public education.


Creating It: We invest in field-based innovators through challenge grants and help them design and build next gen schools.


Living It: If we want educators to champion next gen learning for their students, then we need to make sure they are experiencing next gen professional learning as well.


Growing It: The only way next gen learning can grow is when our systems help everyone—students through policy-makers—to do their best work, NOT by forcing change through mandates.

Introducing our newest offering: Bravely!

For those who don’t want to go back to the way things were before COVID and are looking for connection and support to take learning forward...Starts August 2022.

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The Actions of NGLC

We catalyze innovation. NGLC has funded educators who have created bold new designs for schools. We’ve invested $40 million in educators with big, smart ideas, supporting over 100 schools. We have also funded regional incubators to create a critical mass of next gen schools in their regions. MEET THEM

We build community. NGLC links innovative educators together in order to create smarter school designs. Our learning community is also a ground-up, educator-led strategy to grow next gen learning across the nation. We host convenings, learning excursions, and meet-ups. And we invite more and more educators into next gen school design and encourage interested educators to participate in our community. JOIN US

We create collective know-how. NGLC engages in unabashed content-sharing. And we amplify the voices of the educators in our community—they are the experts. We uncover what’s working in schools (and what’s not). We share strategies, tools, and hard-earned advice. The result is toolkits, articles, newsletters, and deep-dive research projects like MyWays and Measures that Matter Most. LEARN WITH US

We champion next gen learning. As more and more educators become interested in the potential of personalized, next gen learning, NGLC spurs the development of research- & practice-informed, educator-driven, locally-designed new models for schools. Together we can solve the thorniest problems of practice, take on the most pressing challenges, and do what our nation’s youth are counting on us to do. TAKE ON CHALLENGES WITH US

The People of NGLC

Since its founding, Next Generation Learning Challenges has grown into a network of over 150 grant recipients: teams of innovators, ed leaders, and educators, that have received educational grant funding via NGLC. The community has extended to a wide range of forward-leaning educators who haven’t received funding but have joined in the collective learning journey. It also includes a burgeoning group of organizational and philanthropic partners who are actively expanding the adoption of innovations that completely reimagine K–12 in their regional communities and nationally. The NGLC community is supported by a talented and dedicated staff with expertise in promoting innovation design in education, supporting next gen learning practice, and guiding its adoption at scale. And the NGLC Advisory Council advises the NGLC team on strategic planning and decision-making.

Read our organizational Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The non-profit Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) is a project of Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. [Tides Fundraising Disclosure]

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NGLC was founded in 2010 as a partnership between EDUCAUSE, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), iNACOL (now known as Aurora Institute), the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Funding for NGLC has been provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Oak Foundation, Barr Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. NGLC is fortunate to have engaged additional partners and funders to fulfill its mission.