In 2021, NGLC celebrates a decade of innovation by next gen educators and their communities. Explore these stories of learning transformation from the NGLC network!

day1.png2011 - NGLC challenged K-12 to reimagine learning. Grantee Gooru aimed to reach all 1.8 billion students in the world.

day2.png2012 - Da Vinci Schools was selected in NGLC's $12 million Breakthrough Schools grant challenge. Their project-based, real-world learning design continues to shape the future of next generation learning.

day3.png2013 - The NGLC network expanded and, when we gathered next gen school designers together to learn, design, and exchange ideas, we took on challenges too big to solve alone.

day4.png2014 - Embracing the NGLC design principle of competency-based learning, Building 21 changed nearly everything about "school" and is making CBE possible in schools everywhere with coaching & open-source tools.

2015 - Through NGLC Regional Funds for Breakthrough Schools, LEAP Innovations catalyzed new school designs across Chicago, creating a local network of next gen educators and schools.

day6.png2016 - NGLC asked next gen educators: "How do you measure the success of your innovative schools?" Two Rivers shared tools from their work to measure deeper learning outcomes.

middle schooler in mask2017 - Next gen educators inspired and informed the development of the NGLC MyWays Student Success framework and we worked together on putting it into practice.

day8.png2018 - Through NGLC learning excursions, school design institutes, and Mass IDEAS planning grants, Massachusetts dove into reimagining and redesigning schools to create the high-quality, innovative learning experiences all its students deserve.

2019 - Districts that have successfully transformed learning in their schools are making a difference for their students. Vista Unified and other leading districts helped create Transformation Design to support others to transform learning district-wide.

day10.png2020 - In a pivotal year, NGLC was making important shifts as we learned from BIPOC ed leaders and others who are leading the way to create learning and schools that disrupt inequity.

day10.png2021 - The NGLC community gathered virtually to celebrate the past and explore the future of liberatory next gen learning that we will design together. The conversation was led by NGLC co-directors Andy Calkins and Carlos Beato as well as Caroline Hill, Susan Patrick, Eric Tucker, Nicole Allard, and Tom Vander Ark.

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