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Why Schools Need to Change
Why Schools Need to Change

Today’s learners face an uncertain present and a rapidly changing future that will demand far different skills and knowledge than were needed in the 20th century. We also know far more today about enabling deep, powerful learning than we did when public schools were designed in the early 20th century. Our collective future depends on how well young people prepare for the challenges and opportunities of 21st-century life.

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This report examines how an age of accelerations is transforming postsecondary education, with a tripling in the number of career fields, a doubling in colleges and universities, and a five-fold increase in postsecondary programs of study. Costs and student debt are skyrocketing. Most students are working learners and most need to build social capital to gird their work/learn journey. (October 2017, 5MB)

Report 3 is the third of five reports in Part A of the MyWays Student Success Series. Part A, “Adolescence in an Age of Accelerations,” analyzes the real-world changes and conditions that are most acutely impacting young people and outlines key developmental tasks of the adolescent years.

The MyWays Student Success Series examines the through-line of four essential questions for next generation learning and provides research and practice-based support to help school designers and educators to answer these questions. The series consists of 12 reports organized into three parts, plus a Visual Summary and Introduction and Overview. For more on MyWays, visit

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