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Reimagining Assessment
Reimagining Assessment

Educators are rethinking the purposes, forms, and nature of assessment. Beyond testing mastery of traditional content knowledge—an essential task, but not nearly sufficient—educators are designing assessment for learning as an integral part of the learning process.

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Educator teams in the Assessment for Learning Project network share what they are learning via this website. It is not a highly polished website, on purpose. In true assessment for learning fashion, teams are sharing learning as it happens, to reflect and receive feedback to continually deepen and expand understanding.

The site contains knowledge resources on the following assessment practices:

  • Performance Assessment
  • Formative Assessment
  • Capstone Project, Portfolios, and Exhibitions of Learning
  • Community Engaged Success Definitions

It also contains resources for driving systems change:

  • Aligning around state policy opportunities
  • Embedding blended professional learning in school/district/state systems
  • Deepening & activating networks
  • Postsecondary coherence