Design Thinking
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Building Community
Building Community

When educators design and create new schools, and live next gen learning themselves, they take the lead in growing next gen learning across the nation. Other educators don’t simply follow and adopt; next gen learning depends on personal and community agency—the will to own the change, fueled by the desire to learn from and with others. Networks and policy play important roles in enabling grassroots approaches to change.

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Authored by Sarah Luchs & Tom Vander Ark, and with support from NGLC staff and Getting Smart

Next generation schools are creating powerful learning opportunities for students. The Regional Next-Gen School Design blog series seeks to illuminate best practices and share the stories of six regional hubs for innovation through NGLC’s Regional Funds for Breakthrough Schools. The publication highlights each of the six regions individually and shows the unique ways they are approaching the work, including best practices and lessons learned in order to incubate and support next-gen learning. NGLC Breakthrough Schools accelerate student outcomes and achievement through personalized, blended and/or competency-based learning.

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