Our Measurement Approach

Research for this report included four activities:

  1. We held over twenty conversations with key practitioners, researchers, and thought-leaders.
  2. We reviewed key literature on personalized learning, blended learning, deeper learning and other innovative approaches.
  3. We administered an original survey to NGLC national grantees to understand measures that matter most.
  4. Through due diligence and recommendations by colleagues, we dug deep on eight diverse approaches to measurement from schools or networks of schools across both the charter and district sectors.

About Us

Project Leads: Dalia Hochman and Britt Neuhaus

Dalia Hochman has been working on educational improvement and innovation for nearly twenty years. With each new innovation, she has wondered about the ways the education field measures the success of great ideas. Dalia began a conversation with Britt Neuhaus at Overdeck Family Foundation. From her experiences supporting innovation as a practitioner at the school and district level, and now as a funder, Britt shared many of Dalia’s questions about what measures matter most as educators test hypotheses for new school designs. Together, Dalia and Britt launched this project and began exploring what a new measurement framework for innovation that relied more heavily on the educator’s voice would look like. Dalia and the NGLC team are grateful to Overdeck Family Foundation for making this journey possible. We are especially grateful to Allie Steel for her research expertise.

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