Understanding Next Generation Learning

Meet next generation educators and learn more about the schools they lead. Discover how educators describe their innovations.

Meet Some Next Generation Educators

Jin-Soo Huh, Personalized Learning Manager | Alpha Public Schools | San Jose, CA: Jin-Soo supports Alpha’s teachers as they develop personalized learning practices.

Phyllis Lockett, Chief Executive Officer | LEAP Innovations | Chicago, IL: Phyllis and her team support personalized learning in Chicago’s district, charter, and Archdiocese schools.

Jeff Heyck-Williams, Director of Curriculum and Instruction | Two Rivers Public Charter School | Washington, DC: Jeff and his team are developing a better way to measure deeper learning in schools.

Listen to Jin-Soo discuss Measures That Matter Most:

About Next Generation Schools

Next generation schools responding to the Measures That Matter Most survey are located across the country.

These next generation schools are managed by school districts (24%), charter management organizations (50%), and other entities (26%).

They serve a high percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

We asked next generation educators to share what ideas they felt were “core to their model.” Amongst the most popular responses were terms such as “personalized learning” and “blended learning,” although most next generation educators chose multiple labels:

  • Personalized Learning - 18%
  • Blended Learning - 14%
  • Project-based/Experiential Learning - 13%
  • Competency-based Learning - 12%
  • Focus on Social-emotional Supports - 12%
  • Deeper Learning Goals for Students - 11%
  • Student-Centered Learning - 11%
  • Innovative Staffing Model - 8%
  • Gamified Learning - 1%
Map of next generation schools