The data reported in Measures that Matter Most reflect a picture of an innovative space in education that is focused on measurement along different definitions, measures, and tools. Next generation educators value multiple measures, measures that involve multiple actors (family, parents, students, teachers), measures that are longitudinal, and measures that provide both short-term and long-term data.

The preliminary data reported here provide a roadmap for funders, policymakers, and technologists to help deliver measures that matter most.

Get Involved and Lend Your Voice to Measures That Matter Most

If you are interested in sharing your expertise with funders and researchers working to develop a new measurement framework for education, we encourage you to speak up! We need your voice at the table together with researchers and funders.

Are You a Researcher?

We encourage you to continue to work with practitioners to provide formative evidence that embraces multiple learning modalities and a deeper, richer definition of student success. We need your help to develop and validate new measurement tools that focus on student learning, rather than on teacher practice.

Are You a Funder or Policymaker?

We’re calling on you to help support long-lasting practitioner/researcher relationships where practitioners inform the research from the outset. As this report has shown, educators have both new ideas on how to transform school and how to measure the success of their innovations.