Designing for Equity
Designing for Equity

Together, educators are doing the reimagining and reinvention work necessary to make true educational equity possible. Student-centered learning advances equity when it values social and emotional growth alongside academic achievement, takes a cultural lens on strengths and competencies, and equips students with the power and skills to address injustice in their schools and communities.

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In this EdSurge article from November 27, Ariel Rittvo Kinder of NewSchools Venture Fund introduce lessons learned from schools that are creating intentionally diverse student communities. The schools include NGLC grantees, Valor Collegiate Academies and Thrive Public Schools, among others in NGVF's portfolio.

Despite progress in integrating American schools following the Brown v. Board of Education ruling in 1954 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, U.S. schools are less diverse today than in the 1960s. But as schools have grown more homogenous, our country has only become increasingly diverse. Struck by this contrast, a number of school leaders in the NewSchools portfolio have taken up the challenge to create schools that reflect the “melting pot” that is America. They are leading the field in creating intentionally diverse schools—those designed for racial, income and cultural diversity.

These leaders are not only creating more diverse school environments, they are preparing students for their futures as members of a diverse community. We recognize the value of supporting this work and are excited to release a new report, “Creating an Intentionally Diverse School: Lessons Learned.” We hope others who are creating intentionally diverse schools in their communities can benefit from what some of our ventures have learned. This report is the result of interviews with school leaders in our portfolio who are pioneers in this work, and they all have their own inspiring stories to share about why their diverse school communities mean so much to them.

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