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Portrait of a Graduate: A Gateway to Competency-Based Learning

This CompetencyWorks blog post by Briana Medina and Khamiah Alderman of Aurora Institute reviews Next Generation Learning Challenge’s new resource, How Students Develop the Skills & Competencies in a Portrait of a Graduate, highlighting elements from each of the five district’s Portrait of a Graduate programs and their connection to competency-based education (CBE).


Three Truths for the Future of Education: A Call to Action

The Institute for the Future of Learning recognized the five sites from NGLC’s The Portrait in Practice series in this July 2023 white paper. The sites were highlighted because of their commitment to preparing their learners with the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind to thrive amidst an ever-changing world.



Next Gen Learning Blog Articles

1. Student Work Showcasing Portrait of a Graduate Competencies

These examples of student work that develop and demonstrate graduate portrait skills come from NGLC’s Portrait of a Graduate in Practice stories. The five sites are specifically and intentionally designing opportunities for learners to develop the competencies in their graduate portraits. See what students do when schools move from portrait to practice.


2. Teaching Portrait of a Graduate Skills

What is it like for teachers when their school district adopts a Portrait of a Graduate? The Portrait in Practice teachers featured in this article are rethinking the purpose of school and learning as they make sure that all students have high-quality learning experiences to develop the competencies in their graduate portrait. Find out how teachers are changing their role, mindset, and instructional practices to help their students develop graduate portrait skills.


3. Developing Portrait of a Graduate Skills from Elementary School to High School Graduation (and Beyond)

The Portrait in Practice school communities are using their graduate portraits to redesign learning in elementary school and middle school as well as high school. They are starting in preschool and kindergarten to support the development of graduate portrait skills. And they are creating tools like grade-level indicators, progressions, and instructional look-fors to help.



The Portrait of a Graduate in Practice was developed by Next Generation Learning Challenges with funding provided by the Barr Foundation. NGLC extends our appreciation to Amanda Avallone and Stefanie Blouin for their contributions to this project.

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