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Technology Tools

Educators often take advantage of educational technologies as they make the shifts in instruction, teacher roles, and learning experiences that next gen learning requires. Technology should not lead the design of learning, but when educators use it to personalize and enrich learning, it has the potential to accelerate mastery of critical content and skills by all students.

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The reality we face in higher education today invites different approaches to promote student success. In this infographic, find out seven ways you can improve the odds using tech.

Educational attainment, academic achievement, student persistence, learning and development, and college completion. The success of college students is getting more attention these days with rising expectations, greater accountability (yet shrinking budgets), and dismal statistics, like this one:

Only about one of every four community college students who take a remedial course graduates within eight years.

The reality we face in higher education today invites different approaches to promote student success.

That’s what NGLC is all about. Our first challenge to the field was to find ways to bring to scale those different approaches—and even more specifically, technology-enabled innovations that promote student success in higher education.

The infographic below sums up that funding challenge, which we called “Building Blocks for College Completion.”

Using tech to improve college success infographic

The infographic highlights seven practices that facilitated the successful implementation of the innovations funded by NGLC. They are framed to offer you evidence-based advice on how to use a classroom innovation fueled by technology to get the outcomes for students we all want to see—and that students deserve.

The Seven Practices

Stay tuned! Over the next several weeks, we’ll dive into each of these seven practices more deeply (linked above) and offer examples from the grant recipients themselves. But first, start with an overview: Is Technology a Natural Enabler of Student Success?

These seven practices synthesize findings drawn from an external evaluation conducted by SRI International as well as grant recipients' results and observations. NGLC thanks Judy Pirani of Sheep Pond Associates for pulling all of this material together in a way that clearly communicates lessons learned and their practical applications.

Kristen Vogt (she/her/hers)

Knowledge Officer, NGLC

Kristen Vogt, knowledge management officer for NGLC, focuses on identifying lessons, strategies and outcomes from the NGLC community and making them available to a wider audience.